Thursday, 30 June 2011

Fame at last!

John is famous! We have had a few mentions in various magazines, yesterday we received this months copy of Touchline magazine (it's the rugby magazine from Twickenham!) It's a really nice write up, John is very excited about it!

You may recognize the picture, it is the one we used on our website here. The picture was taken last year by the signpost that said "L'Alpe Du Grand Serre" (the start of the REALLY BIG MOUNTAINS in the Alps. Thats why John is looking excited and a little scared!

Back to this year at the moment everything is so far so good. The ginger car is now the proud owner of an MOT certificate and we had a short test run on Sunday. It went well but we have decided to fit a new thermostat and a new top hose on the radiator. The car was running slightly hotter than we thought it should (it had a new radiator last year so it isn't that) it is more a case of being on the safe side - we really don't want an overheating car on our big adventure! That means this weekends work is organised!

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