Thursday, 30 June 2011

Preparations in full swing!

It feels like we have been preparing for a long time now but really we have just begun. The long haul of getting the ginger car in a fit state to get to the motorway (let alone all the way around Europe) is finally nearing completion. We have now started doing the fun stuff and stocking up for the trip!

The check list is impressive;

  • Passports

  • Driving Licenses - we are still waiting for John's new photo one - but not panicking yet...

  • Insurance documents

  • Car log book

  • MOT certificate - got a nice new one!

  • Medical insurance card

  • Breakdown cover

  • Roadmaps of Europe

  • Sat Nav

  • Headlight adapters

  • Warning triangle

  • Fluorescent jacket

  • Spare bulb kit

  • First Aid kit

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Tool kit

  • Crash Helmet for track day

  • Red Bull and Buzz Gum!!!
There is also an "if you have space"

  • Tyre weld or mini spare

  • Spanner/socket set

  • pliers

  • oil

  • cable ties

  • gaffer tape

  • water

  • petrol can (with petrol in it!)

  • spare fuses

  • wheel brace and jack

  • hose clips

  • cooland hose repair kit

  • coil of stout wire (to tie your exhaust on with when it falls off!)

We are taking EVERYTHING on both lists as well as some extras - oh the joy of an enormous boot!

  • Haynes manual - bible for how to mend car!

  • tow rope

  • extra oil (special stuff for our old girl)

  • pillow - for sleepy heads in the middle of night drive

  • spare parts - hoses, spark plugs, etc

  • mobile phone - for when we break down in the middle of the night/on top of a mountain!

  • laptop - to keep you up to date

  • Sports mix sweeties

  • A big bag of GOOD LUCK

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