Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Would you like a pretty picture?

We have been framing canvas pictures for nearly a year now! We sell them in our shop and they are a great success. We can now offer them to our internet customers! And of course at the same prices as the shop, i.e. no postage and packing! The beauty of these pictures is that they are completely personal as it is your picture that we frame.

  1. You email us the image you want.

  2. You tell us the size you would like.

  3. We print the image onto canvas.

  4. We frame the canvas.

  5. And we put it in the post to you!

The only things you have to worry about is making sure the subject in the picture is not too close to the edge, as the framing involves wrapping the canvas around the bars, we don't want to chop the top of your head off!!!

The canvas pictures have been very popular (especially in the run up to Christmas) they are also very popular for birthdays. We have also done christenings and this morning framed a picture celebrating cycling from John O'Groats to Lands End! Anything to do with sporting achievements is also popular, we have done pictures of everything from cross country running, equestrian to ballet! Have a look and see what you would like done! You can find out more information by going to our website http://www.kc-inks.co.uk/PHOTO_CANVAS_PRINTING/PHOTO_CANVAS_PRINTING/

This is so new we haven't even got a button on the front page - but it is so exciting I just couldn't wait to tell you!

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