Thursday, 16 June 2011

Update on Ginger...

It's less than four weeks before we set off and the ginger car is still in the garage! So far she has has had her electrics checked, her spotlights put back on, the cigarette lighter works again (and we need that for Sat Nav!!) and made the horn work again - we need that for the MOT!

We also had a bit of a problem with the battery draining itself overnight so obviously that was a top priority, I really did not want to ask a Ferrari driver if I could use his car to jumpstart ours every morning on the Cannonball Run!!!

Now every thing electrical is up and running so a big thank you to Phil Benson he did a brilliant job.

Now the car is at a different garage (Phil only does electrics)having last minute things done like a spot of welding on the sills, little bits and pieces and then an MOT. After all of that the car gets to come home and we get to test drive to make sure everything is ok before the adventure begins!

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